Cancer New Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 6 Jul, 2021

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Rising Sun

A dark phase

and struggle is over.

A new phase

is upon you –

one of hope, glory,

light and triumph.

It is won through

boldness and persistence.

You have been

through much

and now victory

is upon you beloved,

for the Divine Solar Child,

a new consciousness

within you is born.

Isis - Rising Sun
Tarot - The Devil




Ace of Coins

To bring forth life.

Just as the whole tree is contained within the seed, the ace of coins contains the entire potential of the earth element.

Growth, nourishment, the plant and animal kingdom.

The visible creation with its potential of becoming.

The material realm, profit, security, the physical, and the organic.

All of the riches of the earth are contained within those opportunities you are able to seize.

A time for new projects.

Trust in that which you nourish.

Wishes condense.

An opportunity to plant a seed.

Give the body everything it needs.



The Empty Room

The Empty Room haunts us all. It is the universal and all too frequent feeling of lack, of wanting, of the craving to fill ourselves with something, anything.

We too often attempt to remedy the discomfort of The Empty Room by any means necessary, leading us to a culture of more.

Ironically, The Empty Room is filled to the brim with potential, yet we perceive it as not enough.

This card is a cry for patience, for sitting within the barren walls of not knowing, for awaiting true vision and purpose before attaching to what we “should” do next to save our outward appearance.

Be with the nothingness.

Be with the impatience.

The Empty Room has immense power. Let others wonder what you are doing. If you can settle in to the magic of emptiness, you will soon hear its whispers of wisdom.

When light it is spaciousness, potential, possibilities.

When dark it is addiction, insatiability, more for more’s sake.

Archetypes - Empty Room
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

61 – The Way of Inspiration

The 61st Gene Key concerns the eventual transcendence of the mind. We are all psychotic in the sense that psychosis generally points towards a loss of touch with ordinary reality; the planes of reality that are far beyond what we generally refer to as ‘normal’.

There is a precarious balance to be struck – if we go too far from our walking reality and are unable to return and integrate the experience, we may be labeled an unstable psychotic. But if we don’t even dare venture beyond the terrain of our mind, we’ll be a stable psychotic.

Generally when we look around, we don’t see a world created by the heart, but rather one by the mind. It’s come about through greed, lust for power and fear of death. To find wisdom we have to give up knowledge. Wisdom is alive, vibrant, wild, spontaneous, illogical, paradoxical. This is a journey of unlearning. The secret to this is the healing power of creativity. It allows us to listen to that which comes from within, from beyond the veil, and to reimprint our awareness with its truth.

Inspiration is playing with the music of creation. To be inspired means to be filled with the breath of life. This is the secret to how we can break out of our psychosis, we become a creator. Holy life begins with inspiration, then it becomes a life of higher striving and finally it becomes the life of self-emptying, in which all that we have learned is released.