Aquarius New Moon 2024

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on 9th February 2024 at 22.59 GMT.

Friday 9 February – New Moon in Aquarius 22:59 GMT

Saturday 10 February – Mercury square Jupiter 13:25 GMT

Tuesday 13 February – Mars into Aquarius 6:05 GMT

Tuesday 13 February – Venus sextile Neptune 13:36 GMT

Wednesday 14 February – Mars conjunct Pluto 06:06 GMT

Thursday 15 February – Mercury sextile Chiron 13:16 GMT

Friday 16 February – Venus into Aquarius 16:05 GMT

Saturday 17 February – Mercury square Uranus 3:52 GMT

Saturday 17 February – Venus conjunct Pluto 20:48 GMT

Monday 19 February – Sun into Pisces 4:13 GMT

Thursday 22 February – Venus conjunct Mars 7:14 GMT

Friday 23 February – Mercury into Pisces 7:29 GMT

Saturday 24 February – Full Moon in Virgo 12:30 GMT

Happy New Chinese year also – year of the Wood (green) Dragon. The Wood Dragon year augurs a year of benevolence, strength, and courage.

This year is like no other. Particularly when we also consider the Human Design transits and astrological weather as a whole this year. More on this at a later date.

For now though, we need to be aware of what we are working with this year. The sheer gentle force of the Dragon means it’s not the time to meet that sort of power with force. This energy can be unestimated. We need to adopt a similar approach; garner a gentler, slower, determined, more inward force, and this now consolidated emerges from its winter incubation this month.

Perhaps you can feel the shift into stretching, testing, pushing or extending outwards. It’s like spring has come early, before we were quite expecting it. We are so used to the winter inwardness and retrogrades at this time, its sudden appearance caught us slightly off guard, and yet most are not hesitating in getting things moving, taking full advantage of the tangibly felt acceleratory shift.

Yet it’s a slow, steady expansion where we need to stay grounded (for the wood element of the Dragon requires this) and in connection with ourselves despite the unexpected leaps we can make. There’s a sense of things appearing out of thin air when the Sun squares Uranus as it is just before this New Moon. There’s a promise of breakthroughs this next month, since it’s the main signature of this New Moon.


Aquarius New Moon - pic 3

So if we continue to cling to permanence, or anything else for that matter, as a signifier of our success or a blanket of security, we can expect the dragon energy to have its way with us. Let yourself flow more, do not be so tight, allow your body and energy to move, but keep your depth and inward connection, so you are clear on your drivers and make the right choices.

Soon, it’ll be a powerful time for creativity and relationships when Venus catches up with Mars on 22 February forming a conjunction, highlighting the social realm, and our need to immerse ourselves in connections of all types. These connections can be made within us also, between the fragments of self. The upshot is that it will allow us to live more from the inside out. Oddly, branching out and forming connections is what February is all about. After this New Moon (before the Full Moon) is a perfect time to join or form a new group, it’ll kick a punch.

Enjoy the moments this month where you invite and welcome feedback, and put on the social airs and graces. Think about your style, social etiquette, and who you want to join forces with, and make choices; where and who do you belong with? It’s about being our unique ourselves also, but from a place of shining our essence and letting that radiance speak for itself.

The relationship between the group and our individuality is what Venus-Mars conjoining in Aquarius is all about, but first they meet Pluto in Aquarius for the first time in over 200 years. Much of this comes down to the relationship between men/masculine and women/feminine.

Aquarius is all about social patterns, tribes and groups, much of which is now inextricably interlinked with technology. With Pluto sojourning Aquarius for 20 years, there will be transformation and disruption to all of these patterns of belonging and living at the edge, in particular our relationship with technology. What does it mean to be an individual, connected to your unique purpose, within you and serving the whole? How do we embody, live and balance that in a world that insists on us being disembodied on the internet?

Leo Full Moon 2024 - pic 2

With Mars (on 13 February) and then Venus (on 16 February) forming conjunctions to Pluto over the next two weeks, we have access to some powerful, potent energy, yet in an entirely new area of our lives, which adds to a sense of newness, or a leap in a new direction.

When Mars and then Venus meet Pluto in this now new area of your chart, it will bring something up from the unconscious depths, and provide a window into our individual transformational journey over the next 20 years. The purview that the inner, personal planets Mars and Venus provide on meeting Pluto will bring in a condensed experience of their potential longer-term impact.

It could feel exhilarating, overwhelming, and exposing all at the same time. There might be a taste of power, the struggle for it or with it, of feeling vulnerable in some way also, but certainly meeting something transformational, intense and wanting more of it, in the depths of your soul.

When we touch these places, especially in totally new environments, spaces, circumstances (internal or external), we might want to stay open and vulnerable in that confrontation. If we feel grabbed by something emotionally, this is not something to let go by, it’s important information. We can tap into our soul depth, or shut it off and disappear from it. Try and stay with the palpable, felt intensity and let it penetrate you; remember this is what you have called forth from your depths; it is not against you, no matter your initial reaction.

So here we will get an opportunity to see what this new Pluto cycle is all about. It is important as it’s your personal journey with Pluto going forward for 20 years, and Pluto’s transiting presence in our chart brings much soul purpose into the aura of our lives.


Aquarius New Moon - pic 1

Pluto brings an initiation into the next level of truth of which we are ready to assimilate. Never cling to anything though, there’s always higher levels of truth to access, and so we might want to see it as the next layer unveiled. There will be many more to come. It is likely that the truth revealed will involve our shared societal experience or the dimensions of reality to which we all belong.

So far it’s been a powerful month for creating or consolidating the inner and outer resources or attitude for moving our lives forward. It’s as though we are laying some foundations and taking steady steps. The penny might have now dropped, and perhaps it’s been dropping for a while, but an inner decision taken now, at a deeper level, allows for the decision to be more manifest, to take more form.

If you have not yet called upon the forces of the Divine, in prayer or meditation, to consolidate and bring forth what you need, then the New Moon is ripe for this. To yield results ensure every aspect of your petition is imbued with your full I AM presence.

It’s less about pushing through inner and outer barriers, and more about feeling, sensing, intuiting the next steps, with awareness close, and a clear connection with your yes and no. Know what’s driving you, don’t fall into decisions, make them consciously, so you do not waste your time and energy.

The Sun will meet Saturn later this month after the Full Moon which might bring things to a temporary standstill, giving you time to reflect more deeply. Careful planning, strategy and consideration might yield also – yet this is a longer-term process that reaches beyond this month.

We will sense more unification and wholeness especially once the Sun moves into Pisces on 19 February, at least until it meets with Saturn on 28th. Remember this feeling of wholeness within comes from a sense of inward focus, letting things emerge from the inside out. We are becoming like the bulbs or seeds in the ground, coming back to our organic nature.

And so it’s less about what to focus on externally or moving from that place, and more about letting things form externally from within. Like you are calling things forth. It’s a form of manifestation; a shift into a new type of being. This is why it’s the perfect time for invocation or prayer.

All this doesn’t necessarily herald all issues dissolving, in fact it could amplify some in order to bring more internal resolve. Others might be provided with a key or find a door wider open. To move beyond where we are, or rather beyond our past selves, we must not run away from our past. It’s rather deep staying power, focus and concentration. Going forward it’s imperative that we are honest with ourselves; we must dispel the illusions that we cling to, which act as excuses to evade taking responsibility and action in our lives.

Responsibility is about neutrality to a large degree; being self-governing was only ever an internal process. Rather than being pulled left right centre, get out of the head and into presence, the present moment. Out of judgement. When we spend more of our time in a more neutral place authentically, we are only ever in the heart. Being in the heart allows us to keep gently unfurling it, a long-term process needed for the new earth to be born. If we only have this purpose or goal for our lives, it is perfect.

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