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Aquarius Full Moon – Card Guidance

Published on: 8 Aug, 2022

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Scales of balance

Balancing give and take,

directions and flowing,

play and solitude are ways

to heal the relationship

between the inner masculine

and feminine energies.

Connection with the body

 is the most powerful form of

healing for the feminine energy,

as it holds the secrets to

divine feminine wisdom.

So dance, sing, play!

Isis Cards - Initiation
Tarot - The Devil



The Crone

Aging as spiritual journey.

The soul listening inward through the ear labyrinth.

Listening to the voice of the heart – place of knowledge and wisdom.

The old traveler on her way to the point of oneness, where she touches the cosmic whole.

Wingless flying straight into the heart.

Every step is perfect.



The Castle

It’s no wonder fairy tales tell of sleeping princesses within castle walls.

Like most archetypes, The Castle is loaded with duality: it represents abundant riches, seductive fantasy, ornate wonders, and lavish adornments, yet the walls are thick, cold, and shadowy.

This card points to a tendency to hold on to possessions (quite possibly a literal home) or position that project the image of achievement, while the soul longs to run barefoot in The Forest, leaving it all behind.

At times we must “settle down”, yet The Castle lulls us with its spell of materialism, and we fall asleep to our deepest dreams. The Castle can be a motivating force, and enchanting goal to travel toward – but it is best not to linger within its walls of dependent deception for too long.

When light it is visiting your throne of power.

When dark it is stuckness, depression, spells, walls.

Archetypes - Empty Room
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

3 – The Way of Innovation

This hexagram moves from Chaos to Innocence, and it’s the Way of Innovation. The essence is change itself; yet because we humans find change so difficult it translates into “Difficulty at the Beginning”. We naturally cling to the structures around us when change comes, as it gives us the illusion of security. It sort of works for a bit, but the big spoiler is death, all roads eventually lead to death. When we cling it’s because we haven’t quite moved into unconditional love. We create chaos. This is the Shadow of Chaos. It’s chaos because the love is tainted by fear. Have a look at your anchor points – your job, relationships, home, clothes, body. When we are threatened to lose one of our anchor points, the hidden chaos gets simply revealed not created. Releasing the vibration of our attachment, our clinging will be difficult, terrifying, uncomfortable. Who are you without any anchor points? We have to enter deeply into the chaos inside. Dig into cellular memories, the false belief systems, the mind maps, the emotional fixations, the desires. Clinging is incomplete love, just love a bit more and a bit deeper, and do not run away from it. Changing the circumstances on the outside isn’t going to help, it will just be a distraction. In order to survive, life must embrace change, it must adapt and innovate with each in- and exhale. The very nature of innovation is to keep failing until there’s success. Hence the passing-through chaos phase. The third key is so much about your inner child, reawakening the spirit of youthful play inside. Let the Tao unfold, let nature go on exploring itself, and we come to deep innocence and deep surrender. This is the harmony of the Spheres here, that even chaos, even tragedy is part of the harmony and part of innocence. Everything is part of the everything.