The Sovereign Being is the embodied, lived spirit of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Magical Child, all within you, which when Divinely led with love, goes forth into the world, creates meaningful, powerful change.


You are born sovereign. You have a birthright to know your body and soul and connect to your true nature. You have reign over your choices, consciousness and creations.

Beneath the layers of conditioning, your sovereign essence is always present. Your connection to your Sovereign Being is your birthright. There is no limit to your nature, no end to your capacity for understanding, happiness or joy.


As Sovereign Beings we are of all of infinite value. Completeness, value and love are our essence. This is our fundamental nature; regardless of whether or not we experience that. 

You are integrally valuable to the whole. At some level, each and every part of you is also valuable. This is the same with all things. For, as in nature, every part has a unique and essential purpose. Nothing is excluded.

Through your essential sovereign existence, you play your part in the tapestry of the whole. Your value is intrinsic, it can not be given or taken away. We all stand equal in our infinite value.



We are all born free, beholden to no one and nothing. Of course this is rarely our experience and yet it can be, when we orientate towards a truer understanding of what it means to live free. Freedom is our nature and we do not need to prove this to anyone.

Divine Truth and Law sets us free, while human laws betroth us into a heavier, denser reality. In order to maximise your enjoyment of life, we are here to teach these Divine laws. We also consider that you are also always free to choose, in every moment of life.


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Here in a physical body, you are like the minerals, the plants and the animals of earth. 

But, as a sovereign being, nothing commands life’s intelligence like you. Nothing else has the same capacity to choose to follow your purpose, or divine law, like you.  

We are here to show you how to receive life’s fulfilment, as – while you might not know it – you have a complete and total desire and ability to fulfil your dreams and purpose.

When you align with natural laws and your true nature, you have dominion over your life. 

Go forth, be the change and create the change.