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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Virgo


Venus retrograde is transiting your 5th house of romance, play, creativity and heart. The 5th house is traditionally ruled by Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun, indicating it’s about taking charge and authority. It is also influencing your 9th and 2nd house with Libra and Taurus respectively.

For Virgo, Pluto’s transit through the 5th house has brought the challenge of finding the courage to take charge of your reality. It might have felt for many years that your creative life force, the impulse that gives you your sense of purpose and life, is not your own. Like others have come into your life to somehow give it to you, children, or lovers. They have lent you their creative energy.

Now it is time to really start the journey, and there will be a kick start this Venus retrograde, to reclaim it in your own life. This might include how you give and receive, the whole flow and cycle of creative energy. As with the creative process, we can get fixed and rigid, resistant and full of fear, at certain junctures. This might continue, but you might now notice more clearly where you are blocked, where you are stagnant and stifled.

When we come face to face with loss, pain; and through it question and challenge that which we believed was our purpose, we are being guided to find our true authentic selves, and it’s expression. These end times demand a lot of courage, fortitude, inner strength. But it doesn’t mean we need to harden and tighten our bodies and restrict and constrict our hearts. We can stay soft and open, despite the challenges we face.

You might come face to face with your experiencing of love and/or attention. What perhaps felt like love to you, now merely feels like some kind of special attention, self-consumption or love’s fake imposture. What is deeper here? Can you go on a journey to locate the deep wound that interrupts your heart energy? The wound is a creative opportunity, if you can change your perspective and thinking of it. There might be a lot to let go of first.

Your life force energy, our creative energy needs freeing up, and if it is severely blocked, this transit might bring a rude awakening. It is happening only to ultimately bring you back to the more direct path. You might begin feeling that you have been mislead, not even by a person, but by yourself, you have taken yourself down the less direct route. Investing in denials and distractions from your true creative energy, your true life purpose.

Essentially you are being challenged to take charge of your life and trust in your own direction, in your own self, once you make deeper contact with it. This requires you to follow and have a sense of your intuition, of the subtle, gentler realms that move through us. Listening to that space, that voice, will support you to find creative solutions to the issues arising in your world right now. You need to be open first to this realm. Have you cut it off or disconnected somewhat from it?

As you begin to entertain a transformation of your wounds or shadow into creative potential, the world will begin to spin differently for you. It might not spin around you anymore. Or it might still spin the same way, but you are different, in your orientation or what you encompass. This is how you change your purpose.

The great initiation you are meeting in your life now is essentially an upsurge in the frequency of your subtle bodies. Subtle being the operative word, it is a softening, subtle thing you are making contact with now.

Additionally check out whether your goals are now reflecting who you are. Where does perfection play a role here? There can be a lot of shadow in the very pursuit of perfection through our goals itself. When we reject parts of the creative process of life, and orientate to what we deem to be the ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ aspects, we separate off. Have you been denying unconscious aspects of yourself, and are they now rising to be met? What is being revealed and what can you no longer deny?

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