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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Scorpio


Venus retrograde is through your 3rd house of communication, siblings, local environment, making connections. It also impacts your 7th and 11th house, Libra and Taurus respectively.

With Venus retrograde journeying your 3rd house, you bring question to your perspectives, opinions and connections. There might also be some reevaluation of previously trusted information. Pluto has also been transiting there for many years, awakening your communication patterns and logical, rational connections and now we reach another peak of this learning and growth process. Now they come together for a month, bringing a strong focus to your communication. Knowing when to speak and when to remain silent has been a big part of this process.

You have coming into a deep understanding the many perspectives held. Without logos, the rational, logical side, eros – our passion and desire is bereft of its authenticity and vitality. Without eros, logos is reduced to banal data-driven calculations. This has been the journey with Pluto through Capricorn in your 3rd house. The separation of the two is what needs to evolve.

As you have journeyed through the labyrinth of your mind, you have learned to go deeper, becoming more tender and understand all sides, all roles are relevant. We are here to participate, receive, sense, and give of ourselves. The evolution and depths of your mental processes have brought you into a place unity.

But this transit is really about adapting and following others – leading through the path of following. All great leaders need to first know how to follow. You bring logic, formulas, from your understanding and then perceive the future, as a concept. Logical basis is required to withstand scrutiny and criticism. This isn’t about facts being fact, or even truth, but instead your theoretical opinions used for the formation of concepts. From here, we organise rules, systems and structures.

While we have our own rules, we might need to adapt. Adapting is what Pluto teaches, in this realm of thought and communication. Is it time to influence others? The question is are they able to receive it? Where is your place? In your relationship with the mainstream? The 3rd house meets people in their environment, where they are at. You have learned to listen, observe and watch before speaking. This is how you have gained your understanding.

Perhaps you are now arriving at a time when you can inspire and break free to show others the way? But we must still be prepared to adapt and draw logic to ignite the passion, the eros in others. Patience, logic and care are still required. Know where you are coming from within.

One way to support the opening to understanding, to deepen our relationships is feeling. It is needed for conversations or situations to break into the next level of intimacy and vulnerability. Showing our vulnerability softens our own and others egos and opens up the Divine. When we feel our humanity and humility, we discover how we are always so held. Whatever suffering emerges through this Venus retrograde, be sure to speak of it, acknowledge it, it will bring you the clarity you need to go forward.

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