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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Sagittarius


You have Venus retrograde journeying through your 2nd house Venus, inviting a reevaluation of value systems, resources and self-love.This Venus retrograde also impacts your 6th and 11th house, Taurus and Libra respectively.

The question you might be asking is how do your values reflect what you have and don’t want in your life right now. Our value system is often held very dear, and nearly always defended, since we are resistant to letting of that which upholds and reflects who we are and our reality.

With the 2nd house, the deepest resource, beyond all the values we hold dear, is our inner resource to the Divine. You have had Pluto transiting the 2nd house, highlighting your capacity to trust in your resources – your finances, your body and the Divine. The Divine resides in our connection to our hearts and body first and foremost. We need to begin here. What does our heart value? What is it’s truth? Do you have it at the centre of your life, as your deepest resource?

We can only have connection with others if we are prepared to listen with our hearts. Witnessing and acceptance – as we are the universe listening to itself. This Pluto and Venus transit takes us back to the secret of our union with all that is, through our capacity to relate to ourselves, and then each other, with the heart at the centre, the self-love at the centre.

The heart and it’s child-like innocence moves us beyond all boundaries and attachments. Everything that we thought was dear, in the eyes of the child comes and goes like the weather. It’s time to just bear witness as the prima materia emerges. You are discovering life anew, you are learning to evolve and know you are more than your investments, attachments, values and expectations. Back to your state of innocence.

This innocence, this pure state of being, requires a descent. You are moving beyond the adornments, the superficialities, the comforts. The diamond in the rough (the prima materia) is what will emerge, but they are created slowly, with pressure and darkness. Which is what this Venus retrograde is bringing you.

You have not kindly been given a map, since you are to trust your own heart, mind and body. You are rediscovering your orientation, an inner direction and all you need now is the courage to just let go of that which you cling to, so you can let your light shine. It’s ok to feel vulnerable, you are after all being robbed of your most cherished adornments. You are arriving at your true self, but it is new life, a new resource, that is being born through you. A different means for personal sustainment, one that holds more purity.

Within all of this, anything that is denied or removed from you, is there only to support the growth of new deeper based values. This gives birth to new relationships, new ways of relating, of sharing ourselves, of giving, of seeing ourselves and knowing who we are through the resources we have to share.

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