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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Pisces


Venus retrograde is occurring through your 11th house, meeting Pluto and accentuating his long transit. It also impacts houses 3 and 8, Taurus and Libra ruled respectively. With Pluto journeying through the 11th, we have a need to break free from all that is holding us back, especially the past. In this process, a deep detachment can develop, where you observe your life, especially the potential, the future.

The cycles of breaking free inevitably meet processes of resistance. With Pluto here, the signposts for your future direction often emerge through repetitive messages from others. The question for Pisces is can they listen and act, and eliminate that which holds the karmic issues in place. That process can be quite a shock, out of the blue, surprising everyone concerned. It’s a process of often sudden termination and elimination, which can be abandoning and violent. You are severing attachments.

This has been taking you deeper into facing your relationship with death itself. It might sometimes feel like you at the edge of life and death. In such a process as this, it’s easy to lose your inner balance, and have meaningless confrontations, as opposed to really fundamental ones.

Part of your work, during Venu retrograde is to deepen you relationship to what you actually do battle with. When you discover what you are really fighting; there’s the opportunity to meet life with more purposefulness, presence and alignment. There are times to surrender and let go, but there are never times to give up.

In the need to eliminate attachments, you need to deal with you inner lack, the hollowness within that you continually fill with consumption. Look at whether you have a fear of not having enough, and that’s why you have to take rather than give. Get in touch with selflessness, humility and invisibility. You don’t need to be seen to do good in world. You don’t need to be full.

Everything in the world has become identification, opposites and conflict. Ancient wisdom has been eroded and we have a false reality. We only have an illusion of order, balance and harmony. You need to uproot false realities.

But Pisces always needs to look at the shadow of denial, sweeping things under the carpet rather than deal with them directly. Part of the elimination is that the need to be more direct, more warrior; perhaps if you learnt to deal with issues as they arise, then there wouldn’t be such a need for such a severing separation. Explore your inner warrior: how do you handle your own vitality, energy and even aggression in your life?

The depth of the illusion that surrounds us is in everything and everywhere. We can give our energy to it in all its forms, or we can separate ourselves out from it, from that which keeps us stagnant. It’s a time to take an inventory of your life, working out what holds truth, and what doesn’t. Pisces strives for truth, and much guard against convincing themselves of things that hold no truth. When truth is expressed through our physicality it becomes impeccability. Which is the ultimate Pisces goal.

The love that Pisces is always wanting to reconnect to, despite all the resistances, is always rooted in service to the whole, not themselves. The incessant need to fill life up, take from life, consume, separate, divide and attach even, transforms you into an inner wholeness. Just as the Sun illuminates the dark and light in the world. You can make what is separate, whole.

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