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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Libra


Pluto has been transiting your 4th house and Venus joins him for a month long stay. This Venus retrograde also influences the 8th and 1st house, Taurus and Libra respectively. The 1st house has particular impact, as it is an angular house too, and is the house of self, body, personality and so affects you very strongly.

With Venus retrograde transiting in your 4th house, the themes of feelings, soul, home, family and deep needs and securities are under the spot light. This is the foundation of the a person’s life, very much connected to the root chakra, and sense of deep inner and outer security. There’s been a journey here around trusting your feelings and it’s reaching its pinnacle.

The part your family of origin has in this journey of trust and feelings, safety, connection and belonging within, is all part of the broader journey of Pluto in the 4th. Of course with the Christmas period up, and the peak energies around family gathering times, you might really have to confront some of these deeper issues. Pluto has been mining these areas for some time.

When the foundations of our world are unstable, constantly shifting, and we don’t have that sense of safe ground or belonging, it’s difficult to feel safe and like we belong in the world. But then we are challenged to belong increasingly more to ourselves and go within for our safety. It necessitates a journey to meet the ancestors, and deal with our parental relationships.

Uncomfortably, the 4th house forces us to confront our relationship with death, whether that’s our own, or a family member, so reaches deep into the very fabric of our being, the survival consciousness, our humanity. Pluto here demands a deep purification process, since the past is very much erupting into the present.

How are your hunter gatherer skills? What is your role within your family and how has it impacted your capacity to provide and survive, weather the storms, for yourself and others? You need to take yourself deeper into the survival consciousness that inevitably is stuck in that root chakra and explore what it is that you are hunting for and why are you hunting?

When we are in survival mode, we can feel gripped in it’s illusionary reality that death is final and we must do everything to impede that process. Take a look at your defence patterns and your attitudes or approaches, these can all be in place to prevent the surrender, to the reality of physical death – which we all need to stare in the eyes. Once we deal with our survival fears, it’s easier to acknowledge that it is an illusion. Venus retrograde is a time for surrendering and letting go, but it is not a time to give up, which we are always tempted to do when we feel fear. Transform your giving up into surrender.

As your sign ruler, Venus is playing a main role in this planetary drama, it will affect you more directly. This is not a bad thing, just that it’s a significant and supportive, albeit deep journey for you. With Libra, there’s an innate understanding of teamwork, of even structures that support synarchy, which is the highest level of teamwork. With the impact also on your 1st house, it’s a bit like you become a focus for this somehow.

You can now make more contact with the reality that each individual has place and if an inner balance exists, then this supports the whole. No one is above another, there is no hierarchy, bringing this more into your core, where you see the family and ancestors as just a family tree, all connected, playing their necessary part, helps bring you to the next level. This is the larger reality and truth.

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