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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Capricorn


Venus retrograde will transit your 1st house, in Capricorn, conjoining with Pluto, which lends for quite a ride this December and January. This is an angular chart for you, which means it will have more impact, on a very personal level. This can be a time when Pluto comes towards you as anger from others, or vice versa you to them – a clear theme is projected rage.

Venus is highlighting the relationship access even further, with her month long retrograde on Pluto. Relationship issues will be a major theme. Whatever growth is necessary, and it can come in extreme forms here, will be initiated. The karmic growth occurs simply through relationships.

No doubt also there can be deeper relationship and intimacy issues here. Pluto in the first house can make a person magnetic and charming, upping the attractiveness. It’s also a time to discover your sexuality, or uncover deeper issues that need your attention. This is a time for a metamorphosis of your sexual nature.

The fear and restlessness from this transit can be by and large part of the issue. There is a push for the new, for something to be reborn, or transformed. Resistance or denial can inevitably be part of the process, needless to say, it’s best if this can be worked through, since Pluto transiting here takes no prisoners. Resistance to the necessary change has big consequences here.

There is no doubt that deep shadow needs to be mined here. But sometimes we can resist the exploration of shadow itself. There’s a preoccupation with the idea that shadow can be purified and transmuted through dedicated work. Yet we need to often enter more deeply into the shadow itself, more authentically, without an aim or a need to perform some kind of exorcism. Perhaps the greatest shadow is the fear of it and the idea of perfection, which immediately represses it further from us.

When we reject parts of ourselves and the world we separate further, forcing it down into the shadows, not facing the truth, can even force it to come further through the physical body. Look for how you avoid your shadow. What strategies and coping mechanisms have your cleverly employed to deny and resist it?

Venus retrograde, highlighting this Pluto in your first house, is forcing the journey into the shadow. What do you need to take with you on this journey? Acceptance, compassion, forgiveness? Perhaps it’s a time for being a part from others, to honestly face yourself.

This Venus retrograde journey is a very blasting, life force sort of energy. The source of life, an inner force is being unleashed. You could see it as that which has been worked through with Pluto is ripe and ready to, whatever had been incubated and heated, is in the process of liberation. Much is being burnt up and only that which is essential now remains.

So this is initiating a new cycle. You have pruned back the branches long enough, and so there’s just a little more of this. The spring is soon wanting to push through you. It might be that all the grander plans for your life also get a final sweep. So you can bring your focus inwards to what really counts. The small things are often more important. In your letting go and acceptance of that which dissolves, diminishes and declines, a bit like the winter time, you will find a strong reorientation and momentum at the end of this cycle.

So whatever is not going to plan is to be welcomed. Remember that the beginning always contains the end and vice versa, there is no death, no life. So ultimately, this is bringing new life, helping us stretch ourselves, connect more to the unseen world, and open up. It might feel quite a heavy, dense energy while also feeling like an active, opening energy.

Part of the purpose of the next few weeks is to move through what’s trapped in you and bring realities and dimensions. This is also the collective purpose, but specifically for Capricorn. You are moving out of isolation, but perhaps not in the way you would expect. Sometimes we do not know we are separate, in our physical realm, and something needs to wake us up to that.

Finally, to anchor in this new reality, consciousness, connection, you might want to bring in a spiritual practise, or just a simple little way of helping your soul on this sovereign journey. This will support you to anchor the spiritual existence, the shift in consciousness, within your body.

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