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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Aries


The emphasis for Aries is on the 10th house, with Venus retrograde conjoining Pluto in their ongoing tango. Venus rules the 2nd and 7th houses, with Taurus and Libra respectively. With Pluto transiting your 10th house, there’s been on ongoing focus on purpose, mission and career. It’s been about establishing or integrating your authority.

With the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020, it perhaps kickstarted a new direction, or completed many chapters that informed your work. The emphasis of this conjunction in the 10th forces a restructuring, elimination of what you have out grown.

Now with Venus’ extended visit to your 10th house, she is giving you a deep journey into restructuring further how it relates to deep meaning and purpose. She also gives you the steadfast commitment to see things through and make things materialise. This helps you call upon your reserves and ignite your determination. But it’s likely that at the same time your understanding of what your purpose is, how you interpret it, make sense of it, is changing from inside out. This is only to bring you more into alignment.

Whatever shadow you are encountering now cannot be simply purified or illuminated through hard work and force. Our preoccupation with perfection and achievement is the very source of shadow itself. See how you reject and split off the world from you – it’s ok to need time for yourself, but see if there’s anything deeper. Resist being too active and look at your denial, no matter how inspired you feel by the doing.

This Venus retrograde also impacts your 2nd house of resources, the deepest being your direct connection with your Sovereign Being – the Divine within. It is asking for some restructure – how can you place this at the cornerstone of your life? When our resources are threatened, we need to learn to move into our inner resource.

While the 10th house is about purpose, our true purpose is to let go into the unknown. When purpose changes, our sense of self, what fulfils us is also up for change. It’s time surrender and accept, the truth space of the Goddess.

It also impacts your 7th house of partnerships, and with the Pluto aspect to this Venus retrograde, changes might be afoot as to how you negotiate your relationships. How we regulate closeness and intimacy with others is through transparency. Call back projections inwards. Watch for where your energy escapes. Remind yourself that all needs and desires from others is our yearning for a deep inner reservoir, an inner resource. Hone diplomacy, talk to others like you are talking to a child, with gentleness. It all begins with our willingness to be honest and transparent. This deepens all intimate connections and takes us beyond our individuality, while embracing it also. This is what Chiron direct in Aries is teaching you.

As the depths of Venus and Pluto pull you down and within, know it is there to reconnect you with your inner power. Anything else is dangerous since its power must not be denied. It will deepen you and your relationships. Facing darkness and choosing light is the most profound calling of all.

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