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Your guide to deepening your understanding of Venus’ journey to the underworld.


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Venus retrograde guide for Aquarius


For Aquarius, Venus retrograde takes place in your 12th house, the house of the unseen world of spirit and the unconscious. It also is beginnings and endings. It also impacts your 4th and 9th houses respectively, with Taurus and Libra respectively.

If we could see the impact of every thought, word and action, the world might be a different place. You are being asked to take the higher road, to see the drama from a higher vista. This is happening at lots of different levels.

You particularly are learning that death is falsehood, an illusion. Now you are stepping more fully into this understanding through your experience of reality. There might be many questions arising. Like, perhaps even after death, we are still fulfilling our purpose, perhaps for some the purpose extends into death. Or reframing purpose in the context of achievement.

The deeper we are in the maya, in the illusion, the more attached and invested in the material reality we become. You have Pluto moving through the 12th house, so you are looking to loosen up our perspective on what’s good and bad. Things need to be loose for us to grow, since restriction leads to stagnation, which ultimately leads to death. Especially in combination with the 4th house of ancestors, and soul feeling and connection.

We’re all natural-born ecstatics, but to connect to bliss in your inner being we have to unlearn many of our distorted masculine traits. When our inner being is at rest or play, then bliss can come. You are learning to give yourself to these high end feelings, fluctuating states. Waves of pleasure, harmony and love are all the feelings we recall from our childhood – even if our childhood was marred.

Revelations, transcendent feelings, a sense of communion are all within your reach – sometimes it’s just about perception, perceiving differently and being open, other times it might require surrender, and release of your fears by stepping into trust, which is organic within us all.

How connected to feeling secure, being held by the Divine, being cared for and loved are you? Choose the healing and pleasant variety of feelings – reconnect to those. Every wave of bliss brings positive feelings into the present. Let yourself be carried. Open to intimacy and sexuality as it might be other people also whom support this more emotional yet spiritually connected level.

When we are in connection with our inner Divine light, we are connected to our purpose and sense that life is a sacred gift. When this flame has gone out, we cannot connect to the sacred walking amongst us. It is time for you to reignite that flame. It’s time to now protect those things you’ve discarded as unnecessary elements of life. Perhaps you did this a long time ago. No matter how harshly the winds around you blow, you must relight your inner light.

Your dreams, visions, and intuitions might be very strong now. You have the opportunity to move closer to the Divine, to Source itself. But you need to first deal with what keeps you separate. In the process of growing through these themes, there can be much confusion, dissociation and sense of hopelessness or meaninglessness. It’s a surrendering process here. Giving up the known, familiar, comfortable aspects and identity for something much more complete.

What felt like your purpose might no longer quite feel like your purpose. We create these grand senses of purpose in our minds for ourself, this is just the distorted masculine approach to life. Ultimately, most of our purposes are very small, very unseen, and what is wrong with this exactly? Why do we make ourselves out to be more significant or special than we actually are?

The 9th house teaches here that this isn’t about facts being fact, or truth being truth, rather about theoretical opinions used for the formation of concepts. From this place, we organise our beliefs – concepts, rules and structures. These are up for reworking, because of what you are now relearning about life and reality, yourself and feeling. Go slow, be patient, observe more, see what needs adapting. Don’t rush in to lead the way, go into a more humble space. Drop what needs dropping, but do it gently. Others are in similarly deep processes, they need the time too.

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