Libra Full Moon 2021 Miranda Grace

Libra Full Moon 2021 & Relationship in the (Sub)conscious

by Miranda Grace

Full moon is extreme yin (feminine, receptive) and represents the collective subconscious; it is a time when this is expanded. As above, so below – our auras also expand in the full moon period. So we can be extra receptive to outside energies and taking on things which are not our own. 

Venus, planet of relationships and ruler of Libra, is currently in conjunction with the Sun (in independent and decisive Aries; Libra’s polar opposite on the astrological chart). Under the energetic magnifying glass of the full moon, this highlights issues of the individual vs the collective, particularly in the area of relationships.

‘Value with’ and ‘value without’

The Libran perspective is one of ‘value with’; when our value is defined in relation to others and to consideration; how other people feel, what they think about us, how we can make them happy. The yin relational strategy of people pleasing, and putting others’ needs before our own, leads to a shrinking of our energies and concept of self. In exclusively focusing on ‘value with’, individual need, and even purpose, can be neglected.

The Arian perspective is one of ‘value without’; it may sound extreme, but this is the nature of fire. All fire signs are linked to individuality, action, and purpose. This is the yang (masculine, emissive) energy. Here value is defined in relation to self and to decision; what we need, think, and desire; taking action to make that materialise. It does not look too much into the future, or prioritise others; individual purpose comes first.

Inherent Value vs Playing in the Shadow

Sovereignty is about inherent value; recognising our worth and acting from this place. To have a balanced value system, we need to integrate both ‘with’ and ‘without’. 

The shadow aspect of Libra, which this full moon is amplifying in our collective consciousness, includes the potential distractions of ‘value with’. An excessive focus on who we are in relation to others; whether a couple, or a group, can lead to false identity. We support each other’s illusions, focusing on a ‘value with’-led collective goal or belief system can lead us into a mire of focusing only on the external. 

How is the relationship going, are they happy? How can I improve them, make sure they better meet my needs? This can drag us into repetitive archetypal-relational patterns such as controller-rebel, victim-perpetrator etc. 

In a group scenario this can lead to assessing our value, often in terms of ‘progress’, based on where we are in relation to group ideals. Am I improving in terms of getting closer to a pre-stated ideal of being? Do others in the group approve of me and my actions; do they consider I’m embodying the group ideology? This individual projection into collective meaning-making can exacerbate the ego and create a lack of authenticity as we focus on a ‘model’, group way of being.

Beginning to relate from Sovereignty 

In both cases above, we unconsciously agree to support each other’s illusions. The Sovereign Being constantly moves beyond illusions of all kinds; sovereignty is a very dynamic and fluid process that does not allow itself to latch onto ideals, archetypes or patterns. This is harder to do when we are in that Libran energy of relating to others and their needs; it is part of the reason why so many people chose (whether knowingly or not) the apparent ease and freedom of being single.

So how can we be Sovereign; recognising our inherent value, and remaining unstuck to limiting collective illusions, whilst in relationship with others? How do we stop me and you colliding into each other? 

The subconscious, both collective and individual, needs to be looked at. What are our patterns, where are we allowing ourselves to repeat the ‘value with’ mistakes of the past? Where are we still afraid to let go of our fear of being alone, of losing value? How can we heal our inner child’s fears regarding this? Where is ancestral, or collective, energy coming in and keeping us tied to an illusory external ideal that does not serve our Sovereignty? 

One good way to do this, and to stop supporting each other’s illusions, is to bring awareness to habit energy. When you notice you are engaging in a habit (this is often highly enjoyable, addictive, familiar/comfortable, and gives a certain hormonal reward) STOP. Use Stop moments throughout the day to pause, drop whatever you’re doing, feel into yourself and reflect. Bring more awareness to your feelings and actions; are they coming from the stagnant, past-based energy of habit patterns, or are they free and sovereign decisions that move us forward?

Libra is also about beauty and creativity, as is Venus. When we engage individually in creating more beauty in ourselves and our environment, and engage with the energy of universal beauty through using our creativity, our relational energies will be harmonised and the chance of collision minimised. 

When we feel like our creative energies are flowing and ascending, we feel fulfilled. This leads to more space around the concept of ‘each other’; we are not dependent on the other to direct our life force in a certain direction as, through beauty and creativity, Source begins to direct it. 

Sovereignty is both a choice made in every moment, and an ongoing process. It requires awareness; moving from the sub-, the un-, and the collective, conscious – to the conscious. And then relating to the other from that place.



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