Hallowe’en – Samhain Gathering 24th October 2021

This is a gathering to bring us into connection and union, to release, with tea, cakes, ritual, ceremony, celebrating Samhain, for women and men.

At Caesar’s Well is a natural spring in Wimbledon Common that we will gather around in ceremony. Who would have known there was a natural drinking water spring in London!

We will be creating our ritual incenses also, working with the powerful energies of the day, and everyone is welcome to take whichever incense flavour they choice for small donation to cover costs.

The energies are varied this day and there’s a lot to integrate. 

Bring an instrument (drum – if you have one), a blanket/rug, orange, yellow or white candle, a cake or nibbles offer, and something to take home your incense, and anything else that calls you. If you are unsure email maiaannabalmires@gmail.com for questions. Map below.

We aim to begin with tea around 12 pm – you will be see a white campervan in the carpark. Feel free to arrive when you need, as we want to keep it loose, but we prefer 12 pm if possible.

Looking forward to you seeing you!

Sacred Fire Classes

The sacred fires – of which there are thousands – are what you could call a dispensation for our planet. They are a key awakening gift, as they offer us grace, dissolving karma, emotions, fear, interference and all else that we do not need to ‘process’. In these classes you will learn to work creatively and intuitively with the sacred fires, moving them through your body and energetic field. You will also connect to and build up a relationship with your own inner Sovereign Being. This is a powerful way of cleansing and connecting with your body every week.

This is a dynamic and devotional class, where we use our bodies and work with movement to music, in the privacy of your own home, (without your video on). 

To join the next class, purchase a membership – bronze (or above – silver, gold, platinum or diamond) or pay individually which is more expensive but if you want to try it first, it’s the option for you.

To receive more support with the sacred fire classes outside of the class itself, purchase membership – gold